If you love flying, here you will discover how to design and build your balloon!

For a long time, I have searched in internet and on specialized books the secrets to build a hot air balloon and -still more- the secrets of its design ..... Alas in vain!

Unfortunately I found especially already made plans, and they were mainly for children.

There was no sign of beautiful projects, large, well-made, accurate and able to satisfy my passion for flying. Nor guides to design a balloon!

Then, without lose heart, geometry book in one hand, I squeezed the brains to design me a balloon, which had all the features I wanted!

First it had to be big, because otherwise I find a Chinese lantern, on ebay to 3 euro. Then he must have a lifting capacity of at least 2 kg, if I had got the idea to attack a camera, or the obnoxious neighbor's cat -obviously joke!- 😀

Lastly -but no less important- had to give me fun, and the satisfaction of having created a masterpiece with my hands!

Subsequently, given the scarcity of information on the subject, and sure there were many fans like me, curious to find out how and where to start to make a balloon, I decided to share my findings and my projects with you for free.

I hope you will enjoy this section, because the work that's behind is really a lot and apart from the two "small" models that you will find, the project 3 and 4 have requested more than 50 hours just to be thought out and put on paper.

To see the flights videos, go to the section How to Design, and at the end of the explanation of each model there is the flight video 🙂

If you want to give me suggestions, thank me for the work, or offer me a coffee, passes in the section About Me!

Good flights!


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