With this guide, design and build a balloon will be easier than you expect.

elenco strategie opzioni binarie Of course, everything depends on what we want to do and with what level of accuracy we want to do -and this also count our capabilities-

rencontre a16 In fact, a large balloon, calculated to fly to a certain altitude, in a given climate and should carry some weight is more complex than a small one where the sole purpose of which is to give a satisfaction to us and entertain us who look.

single damer hordaland When I started to build balloons, their only purpose was that flew. The first that I realized they were made simply without calculations, -if not elementary - but gradually that passion grew I pushed myself to make it more complex, both constructively than the project.

I divided my balloons with the words Mark (meaning model) followed by the number 1-2 ... etc. This heading specifies the shape of the model and not its volume, therefore we could design a Mark III with 8 cubic meters as of 20. The differences will then be well explained ahead, but more the number increase, and more the shape approximates to a real hot air balloon, with obvious increases the complexity of the calculations

The first two are the most simple, we will not discuss the calculations but only of how to build. They require a minimum of half an hour to a maximum of 5 hours to be constructed.

Unlike Mark III & IV and the helium balloon require a project to be built, then, medium complexity calculations, commitment, and once passed to the construction, be ready cause you will need space and free time (I'll be honest, from 8 hours up ).

Good! Now that you understand how the models are differentiated, and their complexity .... You have the choice of where and how to build !!

rencontre quarantaine   It is advisable to launch your balloons in the early morning, possibly in winter -with the cold, thanks to the density difference between hot and cold air, will have more thrust and then will fly more easily-,while the absence of wind is needed first in order not to lose them, and second because they will have more stability during flight.

The sections are all complete, but still lack some pictures ....

Be patient and soon will be all incorporated 🙂