In this section I will explain quickly, how to build a simple balloon that will allow you to have a look at this amazing world and have fun with your friends and children! 😀

Mark 1

This is the first hot air balloon I've ever built, it takes about 30 minutes to be assembled.

Materials needed:

-Two trash bags (the tipe i use are tall 108 cm and are made witth lightweight cellophane)

-Iron wire, about 0.5 mm in diameter

-Thin steel wire (I use the strands taken by the bicycle brakes cable)

-A piece of cloth soaked in wax

-Scotch tape


-Tear the bags from the roll, but making sure that they remain bent.

-Lay the first bag on the table and with scissors cut the bottom as close as possible to the weld and in a straight line.

hot air balloon manufacture

-Now approach to the cut, the open part of the second bag and carefully, following all the perimeter attack two bags using adhesive tape.

gores bonding

-At this point the envelope of the balloon -which will have a cylindrical shape - is already complete.

-Take now the iron wire of 0.5 mm and bending it back on itself to form a circle about 44 cm of diameter, then bend their ends between, to secure it in that position

steel ring for balloon fuel

-Now we take the rag that we have previously soaked in wax (by melting the wax and dipping the rag inside) that we care to cut so that its weight is about 40/50 gr.

-With the thin threads of steel will fix the fuel at the center of the previously built iron wire circle.

-To hold in place the steel wires, fix them with a piece of adhesive tape.

hot air balloon fuel support

-Now that the circle of wire with attached fuel is complete, it should be attached with adhesive tape to balloon mouth.

hot air balloon mouth

Now that our balloon is ready, we choose a morning or an evening WITHOUT WIND to launch it.

Let us find help from a person who keeps it in place while we heat with a gas flame or another piece of cloth soaked in wax, and when it will be inflated, we light the fuel.

Wait than alone and gently get out of hand to get up there where the sky is bluer 🙂

The show is guaranteed! 🙂