In this page, I will explain you how to build the beautiful Mark 2 that will give you great satisfaction and good moments of fun together with your friends and children! 😀

Mark 2

hot air balloon Mark 2

vacances rencontres jeunes What you see in the picture above is the balloon Mark 2

follow url With this model you will start to feel the difficulty when you set out to build it 🙂 The materials needed are almost the same as the Mark 1, here under the list of materials and procedure.

Nedeed Materials: -Trash bags (those I use are tall 108 cm and are mady by lightweight cellophane), or tissue paper. -wire about 1 mm thick -Thin steel wire (I use the cable's strands of the bicycle brakes) -A piece of cloth soaked in wax

-Adhesive tape

-Quick-setting glue (like Super Attak)



-Begin by separating the bags from the roll, being careful not to make him lose the crease.

-Now we will proceed to make the gore that will compose the balloon.

-Then draw a triangle on the bag, which has as its basis the open side of the bag and like high point, the center of the bag on the opposite side (base = 36 cm - height 108 cm)

-From each bag if you do it right you will get two half gore, this process should be done for 7 sacks in order to obtain 14 gores.

-Having done this we will make the lower halves gore.

-On other 7 sacks draw a trapezium whose larger base will always be of 36 cm, the height always 108 cm, and the smaller base should be 10 cm.

-After cutting all, together with tape trapezoids with triangles for larger base, all for 14 times in order to have 14 gores.

-Once done, take one last bag, on the open side, add the base of the first gore, making sure that the base paste, is well parallel opening.

-Next attacked the second segment and then attack them with each other.

- Do the same with the third segment and to follow up with all the other, until you have completed the envelope.

-Pass again well by doing the X taped the corners as they are the places where you are likely more easily openings or sagging. That done, the envelope will be finished 🙂

-Now with the metallic wire of 1 mm in thickness, make a circle of about 45 cm and with the thin steel wires fixed to the center about 80/100 grams of fuel.

-We're almost there, fixed the circle first described the balloon mouth with adhesive tape.

-Now stuck always with the adhesive tape aluminum foil to the circle previously fixed to the envelope, so that the flames will burst from the fuel does not go to lick the envelope and damage it.

Your balloon is now ready to fly 🙂

To make it take off i give you some advice.

Because is cumbersome ask for help from a person who takes it, while you, with a gas torch (the classic with the bottle) heat it from below being careful to only get the heat and not direct flame. When it will be inflated started to ignite the fuel, and within a minute you will see the balloon escape and hover in the sky 😀

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