come investire sui derivati All children wanted to do  astronauts.

This project,
It is just the pursuit of that dream ...


And like all dreams, we are fighting for it to become true.

The project started recently but the purpose is clear.

Design and realize, with the know-how acquired in the other projects, a balloon capable of making videos and provide us with information such as, temperature, pressure, humidity and air quality while climbing over 40,000 meters.

If this project is going from being a dream to come true I owe it to my sponsors who had helped with hard cash to the needs of the project.

source site The base amount requested for this project mainly covers:

-4K Camera

-Helium (About 16 cubic meters)

-Pre-launch test



-Polyethylene for the envelope

-Gasoline for recovering it (it may land hundred kilometers away)

rencontre 21700 RISK
Like all projects and all the space missions, this one involves risks that may cause or result in a partial success.
For this will carry out several endurance tests, both on the materials, both on the sensors, so as to ensure, as for the other balloons made by us, a high chance of success.

see url UPDATE LOG

  • External temperature sensor, programmed and ready.
  • Interior temperature and humidity sensor, programmed and ready.
  • Pressure sensor, programmed and ready.
  • Micro SD cards reader / writer, programmed and ready.
  • GPS device, programmed and ready.
  • The written codes have already been optimized.
  • Air quality sensor programmed and ready.
  • The transmitter has been programmed, but we need to test it with more powerful batteries that we are waiting.
  • Pending the batteries, we are realizing the parachute.
  • We had make some changes to the nacelle to make it more resistant and better thermally insulated, on the page, The Nacelle all the details.
  • The voltage regulator and the batteries are arrived, so we are testing the transmitter software.

You can find the details of each update, on the following pages.

watch Thank you all!

This project and this page are in constant development and updating.

All this will require a few months to be realizedIf you want to stay informed about news, send me an email via the About Me page with written your email 🙂

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