Do you want a custom design to achieve the Hot Air Balloon you like?

Or you want to make a video "near space" with a helium balloon at 45,000 meters?

Then forget the calculations and start building!

If you don't have the time and the desire to design a hot air balloon or a helium balloon, We can create for you a complete design and ready to be built according to your needs and your specifications!

To do the design you want, we just need some data:

-The weight that you want to lift
-The material you want to use for realize the envelope (nylon is not recommend for beginners)
-The altitude you want the balloon reaches
-The ambient temperature at which you launch the balloon
-The model you want from those below. For different forms contact us!

Be careful in the choice of data, because more these values will be ups and more will be difficult the construction of the balloon.
If it is the first time you build a hot air balloon or a weather balloon, this is my advice:

Dimension: Between  4 and  6 cubic m
Material : cellophane or tissue paper
Altitude: Max 1000 meters (if is a weather balloon 15'000 m )
Temperature: Between 0 and 10 degrees
Model: Mark 4

To achieve tailor the project you want, I ask a donation of 25 € (you can do it in the About Me page ) that will allow me to keep this site online, and continue to keep it updated! 🙂

Use the contact box below to write your request and talk about it together.
After we agreed, the preparation of the project will take about 2-3 days.
When the project is ready, you will receive by mail a PDF document with all the data of your balloon and obviously we will be at your disposal in case of doubts or questions!

Contact Me!