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With this first small crop i wanted to try to grow in a completely natural and organic manner, two potatoes of Primura varieties.

First I want to clarify that it is NOT the season for potatoes, but I wanted to see if it was possible to grow them out of season by taking some precautions.

This system allows to have a harvest approximately every 3 months, therefore if we do a bucket every week we will have about 1 to 4 kg of potatoes per week with an occupied space of about 3 square meters. Obviously, when will the first cold, the buckets will be brought into the home !!!

If you want more you can increase the bucket / week in order to increase the harvest, with obvious increases on the space used.

These website pages also want to be a guide for those who want to try.

dvd rencontre avec le mal Start date: August 17, 2016
Well how to start?

First, if the war has not started yet you go to the supermarket and buy the potatoes, and if it is already started you see it as your own, it is clear that no potato .... No Party :D

Once you have purchased the raw material, you see if there is some potatoes that are already sprouting (if there is not choose at random and hope).

Once chosen, wash them by rubbing them well under running water.
This is to eliminate the anti-sprouting splashing over those commonly sold in supermarkets.

Having done this, place them in a place of the house that is lit, and wait about 2/3 weeks.
If you can put them in a saucer and under one of them you will keep paper towels moist.

To ensure that the same side of the potato is not always in contact with the wet part, rotate it every day.

Past 2-3 weeks the potatoes should have a bit 'of sprouts.
Now then you can directly sow the whole potato or cut (if large and with many buds).

An alternative way (but I recommend that described above because I tried them both) is to cut the potatoes and put them to soak in 3-4 mm of water.

How to sprout potato

Obviously you have to be careful not to rot, so at the beginning of the second day smell the water and look under the potatoes, if they start to become soft remove them, (difficult to occur, usually occurs after 3/4 days, but it is good check).
If all goes well, you can sow the once sprouted.

For your convenience, we will plant in a very ordinary 20/25/30/50 liter bucket, also wanting a big garbage can is fine.
So here is what to do, first of all holes the bucket at the bottom, even better on the edges to 1 cm from the bottom in more points.
Then place five fingers of fertile soil, if you have the compost, add some (if you want advice on how to fertilize them or how to keep the soil fertile find them in the Fertilizers section).
For potatoes, the ideal is a soft soil, so before you put it in the bucket of potatoes mix it well with your garden gloves, stirring well and breaking the lumps of compact soil.
Now you can place 1 or 2 potatoes (or parts of potatoes if you cut) for every bucket, about 1 finger under the ground.
I've had sown 2 (the two at the top, in the first photo).
The important thing is that the sprouts are underground, but to know where is the potato, the upper part of the same you can also leave it partially uncovered

sprouted potato in the bucket

Having done this, saturate and place the bucket in a place that receives sun for about half a day (if more, you'll have to wetting more often if not .... Guess by !! 🙂 ).
Potatoes do not need a lot of water, so make sure that the soil is always slightly damp, spraying every 5-10 days.
Attention, too much water will rot the unborn potatoes.

After about 10 days the first buds should appear, in my case the first potato is born on the ninth day, but in some cases it can take longer.

Just born potato sprout

binarystation Now we are on the tenth day (08.27.16), and has also blossomed the second potato 🙂

It 'good to check our cultivation, at least every 2-3 days, in order to see if everything is going well and remove any weeds that grow inevitably.

And here we are on Monday 8/29/16
I just removed some small emerging weeds and saw with pleasure that today the first bud of the potato (as you can see in the picture) has grown by at least 1.5 cm !!!!!
They grow really very eyes !!

sprout grow quikly

Tradeking trailing stop loss 30/08/16

As you can see, the left bud has grown by as much as 1 cm in 24 hours only !!
To my surprise i saw another bud, the smaller and more to the right, was born today.
This means that I will probably have three potato plants.
Of course, just as fast even they grow plants sprout unwanted, that I am removing daily for 2 reasons: first, they steal nutrients to my potatoes and second I want to keep growing clean.

Little potato plant

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