rencontre serieuse 43 TODAY, OCTOBER 28, IT'S TIME TO HARVEST POTATOES!!!!

The potato harvest

As you can see, I cut the dried plants, and I put the bucket in the wheelbarrow.
I had a terrible fear.
I made a move at a time, making sure that everything was ok and trying to do everything in the best way without neglecting anything.
My fear was to find just earth and roots, or... rotten potatoes ...

While terror assailed me 🙂 I thought about all my hard work would be wasted, and the fool that I would do here if I had not found anything ....
What do I do if there is nothing?
I face the gallows or I go to the supermarket and then pretend to have had more potatoes than soil ??
No! I would not be able to do it!
I move slowly a little bit by swinging the bucket and ....

Potato in the bucket

enter site HERE IT IS !!!!

novel dating with the dark bab 3 I see the first potato !!!
I look at it like a father would watch his son, and I promise that I will take care until tomorrow .... That is when it will end in the pan !! 😀 here
But now no more talk !!
Flip the bucket!à-sono-i-trading-di-operazioni-binarie Disponibilit Patience is over and after the initial satisfaction I can not wait !!
And so a second later hands sink into soil, desperately serching the fruits of so much hard work !!! source
And finally here they are !!!

potato harvest

follow url Yes!

source It's True...

They are few and small, but the satisfaction is great !!

My guess about the fertilization was correct, and in fact the plant behaved as if it was grown in a natural environment.
In fact I did not get the big, doped, anabolizzate, potatoes we are used to.
Small potatoes that I got are the result only of earth and compost initially put.
There is, however, to say that -despite'm sure that will be very good - in fact the plant has suffered from a lack of nutrients.
In fact, he had a short life cycle and has not developed all its tubers, I counted 14 small and ready to born attached to the roots.
If the plant had instead found the right nutrients, - natural and in the right quantities - probably now I have a dozen potatoes, medium size.
Having learned from this experience, I'm acting accordingly with the second crop.


Soon I will also tell you how it is once cooked !!

October 30, 2016

Well there is not much to say

The potato were awesome !!

The taste is that of classical potato but much more intense.

As they were few, I simply boiled so i can feel good about their taste, and I ate them in their skins.

Really good, try it 🙂


It can be said that this first crop is proof that, with special considerations, you can also cultivate potatoes out of season and in a small space.

Obviously, as seen you must be careful fertilization, insolation (unfortunately poor in this period), the tamping, and watering.

If everything will be done in the proper way we can get to the harvest, although probably (this winter) will not be exceptional. While it will be consistent in the summer.

Errors not to do, and the experience gained from this crop will find them summarized in The Theory section.