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go to link September 2, 2016

As you can see the seedlings grow at the speed of light, and shortly we will proceed with what is called "tamping".
For now I am watering once a week and all is well.
I do not use fertilizers but my compost.

Potato plant
To date 4 September the seedlings are grown as you can see 🙂
Potato plant grow in the bucket

Now it is therefore the right time to proceed with the tamping.
This operation is to add soil, so as to cover about half of the seedlings.

This makes "believe" the plant to be still in the ground and forces her to throw new roots (and therefore potatoes), so as to have a bigger yield.

Potato tamping

As you see in the picture I added soil, but there is still room in the bucket, then add again to fill the bucket, as soon as the seedlings grow again. September 6, 2016

I wanted to wait at least until tomorrow to add more land, but given the phenomenal growth of the potatoes I did today the last ridging.
Now that the bucket is full of soil there is to wait until the plants grow and wither, that will be the right time to harvest the potatoes.
I remind you that the potatoes to grow well and healthy need very little water, so you have to wet them every 5/7/10 days as needed, remembering that the soil should be slightly damp but never wet.
If it is deep, as in my case, the surface should be almost dry before wetting again, otherwise we risk below is a quagmire and that the potatoes rot all.

an other tamping

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As you can see the plants are more and more large, even a little, and I can put a hammock in the middle 😀
Grow that is a pleasure, i continue to wetting one once a week.

Potato plant are bigger now