September 24, 2016

Now it is getting colder outside, and potatoes below 15 degrees suffer.

That is why at night I bring home, and if it is sunny day like today, i carry it out.

I stretched a little time of watering, not every seven days, but every 10. This cause alternating periods outside with periods inside, as mentioned before for the temperature.
I remember that potatoes want a barely damp soil without standing water.
It is likely that at present, there are already small potato in the ground.

potato plant in the sun

binaire opties kopen Today 2 October, I had to add to the bucket a thin bamboo stick (like the one for tomatoes), firmly planted in the ground and protruding about 50 cm.

This is because the potato plants have weak stems and therefore tend to "lie down", it happened to me 3-4 times this week to find them lying down and having to rebuild.
I then set to stick with string, it held loosely, allowing it to oscillate but not falling.

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Today taken by inventive genius, I "created" a super-fertilizer that you can use every time you water the potatoes.
I state that in my case, use it from the beginning did not make sense, because the ground was already well-fertilized with compost. But I will make a test with the next crop to see if there are improvements or differences.
The Super-Secret formula can be found under the Fertilizers.
The amount used today is really easy, because I had already wet Tuesday, but i will prepare it again for next Wednesday when I have to water them again.
I've also used for flowers and various plants of my parents ..... they don't know the secret ingredients 😀
Soon you will see new photos as between 1-2 weeks will be in bloom (40-60 days after sowing).
In the meantime, I take care with a critical eye because I found some chewed leaf by green caterpillars that hateful fast as the wind ended up in the water.
Be very careful if you see leaves prick and pass under it the finger.

If you do not find the caterpillar at this stage, since they grow fast, you might find the morning after a whole sprig ate. Wednesday 19/10/16

The plants have remained almost unchanged since the last photo.

They have small buds flowering but apparently not grow much, and lately it seems a little suffering.

You have to know that the life cycle of the potato plant is short, about 3 months.

At the end of it the plant turn yellow and then dry / dies, and it is at that point that the potatoes are ready to be harvested.

Some leaves have started to turn yellow, but I do not know if it is approaching the end of their life cycle, or for a suffering due to weather / sun or other factors.

potato plant are withering

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Now the plants of this first crop is almost completely dead.
We are in advance about the theoretical end of their life cycle.
This may be due to two factors:
Fertilization insufficient, or the cold period.

I think it is due to the first factor, because I placed the potatoes away from the calendar, and then staying at home in the warmth does not "know" that we are in November 😀 😀

In fact I think it is due to the first factor, since a poor fertilization (I was initially convinced that the compost was enough), especially regarding the supply of nitrogen, leading to a premature end of the life cycle of the plant, to foliar chlorosis (yellow leaves) and plants and with the thin aerial part.
I have confirmation from the big difference with the second crop that I am fertilizing regularly with the system already described.
However now this cultivation has gone well, and now it is time to pick up ..... I'm scared ... I wonder if I'll find something in the ground !!
Over the weekend I'm going to plow the field ... ehm .... pardon the bucket and we'll see !!

dying potato plant