We are completely out of season for potatoes ... But I want to try the same !!

essalud cusco citas por internet Since the first potatoes crop seems to proceed well ...
I started yesterday (29.09.2016) the second cultivation of potatoes 🙂

You can see the first crop at this link, The First Crop ,and every time I will refer "another crop" will be reported to this.

In this new experiment I want to test my formulation of a fertilizer (100% Natural), it should make all the nutrients the potatoes need , assuring optimal development.
The formula found in the Homemade Manure section, under the name "Super Fertilizer for Potatoes".

rencontre ubifrance 😀

In addition to this, I'll try a different type of fertilizer / watering approach to grow in the best way the plants during the various stages.

The description can be found under The Theory.
I waited so long to begin it because I wanted to sow purple potatoes, which did not have before, and I took the opportunity to sow a Sardinian potato that brought me my parents from holiday.
With this second crop will try to bring the highest level ridging, since I am not the sowing, as before, in a 25-liter bin but 50.
Else, I will verify whether the potatoes grown out of season and in the absence of direct sunlight (except in rare cases) will be affected, or will still be good.

I started doing two potatoes sprout WHOLE placing them on a saucer where I had put on paper towels.
I bathed the potatoes and the blotting paper every 2 days, and i turned the potatoes to prevent them from being in contact with the wet paper always with the same side.
It took them a month to germinate, probably because they are born this year, and now it is not planting season.
Once the shoots have reached 0.5 / 1 cm potatoes can be planted. It is useless to use whole potatoes.
In my case, they had sprouts only on one end, and I used those. But if they had them on both ends, i would cut the same in order to obtain more plants.
Here you can see to the right the Sardinian potato with well-developed buds, while on the left the purple potato with its distinctive interior color.

vitelotte potato sprout

Once cut I let it dry for half an hour (in order to "heal" the cut) and then I have sown.
The soil used is about 70% land and 30% compost made by me.

Obviously if you want it to do, the proportions are indicative and you are free to change them at will (even 50/50 is fine).
I put about 10 cm in the bin and then I made two small holes where I put the potatoes with sprouts up, and then completely cover them with soil.

Once sown I DO NOT wet because the land was already thoroughly wet (I would say soggy) having taken the rain, but I will proceed as already explained above.
Here is a view of the bin 50 L

50 liters potato bucket

follow site Here we are to 7 October

Potatoes are both well sprouted and the sprouts are four for potato.
It means that I will have 8 plants!

The high number of potato comes right on cue with the fertilizer tests I wanted to do this because being so many plants in a short space will suffer much more than the previous crop due to the scarcity of nutrients .....
Unless my Super fertilizer does its job just fine !!
On the left you can see the sprouts of the Sardinian potato, while those on the right of the purple potato.

The problem of growing them in the bin 50 L, is receiving little light as they are positioned on the bottom.
Not being summer, I can not even leave them out all day. I then remedied this by attaching with double-sided tape, aluminum foil on a cardboard backing, and using it to reflect the sun into the bin.

mirror detail

Today October 12 you can see that in a short time, the plants of purple potatoes are already very grown up, compared to October 7, where they were only small buds.
Maybe thanks to the super-fertilizer or maybe not, the fact is that I will continue to fertilize them, cause are many plants in a small space.

purple and yellow potato plant

http://qsai.es/?esfirew=badoo-rencontre-djibouti&a8c=79 And we're to October 13

If you look at the photo of yesterday and today already you see the difference 🙂
Today, given the remarkable proximity between the seedlings I decided to put some cardboard spacers between them to leave then on site.
They will separate seedlings and gradually i will grow so that they are better distributed inside the drum, and not any one on each other.
I chose to do the cardboard spacers, because once paid their function will let them, and naturally degrade in contact with the soil and humidity.

potato plant with spacers