The speed of growth is incredible, probably thanks to fertilizer Potatoes really grow visibly, and yesterday October 16 I could proceed with the first tamping. I also took the opportunity to further separate the plants between them, so that they can breathe and grow properly.
As you can see in the picture below, the growth speed is high, and I'm thinking that it is even higher than the previous crop.
This is probably attributable to the fertilizer of my production. Tomorrow hoping to have time, I will proceed with regular watering always with diluted fertilizer.

the tamping

I invite you to look at the difference between the previous and this next !!
It's only been four days !!
The growth is really amazing!
As you can see, the little plant in the center of 4 more low, is the lowest ....

This is because other plants steal his food, I can therefore say that the fertilizer works.
I just proceeded to a further watering / fertilizers, and in the weekend, if not tomorrow, i will tamp it again and I think for the last time.
Since that time, I would lower the frequency of watering.
As further proof of the super-fertilizer working, we can go to see the difference between the photos of the first and second crop at this stage.
You will notice that seedlings of this crop, are beautiful robust straight and large, than the first where even if healthy seemed more stunted.

mirror on potato

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I had proof of the excellent "working" of the fertilizer, as well as with the potatoes well with some plants of my parents, who have shown a Super-growth and have become a rich green (you should see the parsley .... 😀 ).

As you can see in the picture below, the plants now are coming out of the bucket and i took the opportunity to add land again.

In this growth stage I can say with absolute certainty that the plants are more big, strong and with higher growth compared to the first crop.

This is thanks to fertilization (which I remind you, I have not done in the first) and also thanks to the fact that I spaced throughout their growth and continue to do it every time i add the soil.

This way they do not steal the nourishment to each other and grow more strong and healthy.

Potato plant inside bucket