Unfortunately due to the low light, this crop has not gone well ...

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Today I made the last ridging.

Unfortunately the smallest Sardinian plant potato I had to sacrifice, because it was too low and if I waited i could not tuck in time (I have already waited too).
Now the bucket is full and I just have to wait until the plants grow and die, I will continue to frequent watering and fertilizer, for two more weeks.
This is because after a month and a half the tubers start to grow, and you should reduce the amount of water or you risk them rotting.
In this period where the sun is very little, I'm always leaving the aluminized cardboard to reflect more light on plants and and so help them to grow.

plant in the sun

trading library November 5, 2016

Unfortunately this week i lost two plants, ie those more small and weak, as expected.

It is a Sardinian potato plant and a purple potato

initially were 9 while now I have been six, but the plants of Sardinian potatoes, which are the most small I can not see too well.

Because of the continuous bad weather, the sun coming through the window is really little and i think that this is main cause of death of the two plants, as well as other show leaves tend to yellow on areas not exposed to light.

Among other things, I fear I have waited too long to tuck, because I see that the plants show reduced growth (definitely cold and low light also helps them negatively)

We hope well 🙂

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Unfortunately, even we are hoping well the fate was not good with this second crop, and the plants due to a full week of clouds are death for the absence of light.

I could not help it

However, having learned and developed all the details by learning from the first and from this crop, in spring / summer I will continue with other crops 🙂

All the know-how acquired, and the mistakes not to make are in the section The Theory.